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Jul 12
Last Updated on 13 June 2014

PCC Members


1 Cooperative Banks Federation of the Philippines (BANGKOOP)
2 Cooperative Foundation of the Philippines, Inc. (CFPI)
3 Cooperative Insurance System of the Philippines (CISP)
4 CLIMBS Life and General Insruance Cooperative (CLIMBS)
5 Cooperative Union of the Philippines (CUP)
6 Federation of Free Farmers’ Cooperatives, Inc. (FFFCI)
7 Federation of People’s Sustainable  Development Cooperatives (FPSDC)
8 Federation of Teachers Cooperative (FTC)
9 Katipunan ng mga Kooperatibang Pansasakyan ng Pilipinas, Inc. (KKPPI)
10 MASS-SPECC Cooperative Development Center (MASS-SPECC)
11 Metro South Cooperative Bank (MSCB)
12 National Confederation of Cooperatives (NATCCO)
13 National Cooperative Marketing Federation (NCMF)
14 National Market Vendors’ Confederation of Cooperatives ((NAMVESCCO)
15 PHILAC Service Cooperative (PHILAC)
16 Philippine Cooperative Central Fund Federation (PCF)
17 Philippine Federation of Credit Cooperatives (PFCCO)
18 Philippine Federation of Electric Cooperatives (PHILFECO)
19 Philippine  Federation Of Women In Cooperatives (PFWC) 
20 Philippine Resortel & Education Service Cooperative (PRESCO)
21 Philippine Rural Electric Cooperative Association (PHILRECA)
22 VICTO National Federation of Cooperatives (VICTO National)
23 Cagayan Valley Confederation of Cooperatives (CAVALCO)
24 National Capital Region League - PFCCO (NCRL-PFCCO)
25 Northern Luzon Federation of Cooperative Education and Development Center (NORLUCEDEC)
26 Tagalog Cooperative Development Center (TAGCODEC)
27 casino online Nueva Segovia Consortium of Cooperatives (NSCC)
28 Asia-Pro Cooperative (ASIA-PRO)
29 AMKOR Technology Philippines Employees Cooperative (AMKOR Tech)
30 Bagbag Multi-Purpose Cooperative (BAGBAG MPC)
31 Barangka Credit Cooperative (BCC)
32 Baguio Benguet Community Credit Cooperative (BBCCCI)
33 First Community Cooperative (FICCO)
34 Holy Cross Savings & Credit Cooperative (HCSCC)
35 Llano MPC (LLANO)
36 LIMCOMA Multi-Purpose Cooperative (LIMCOMA)
37 LINGAP Credit Coop (LINGAP)
38 Mauban Credit and Development Cooperative (MCDC)
39 National Cooperative Movement  Service Cooperative (NCM)
40 Novaliches Development Cooperative (NOVADECI)
41 NUWRAIN Development  Cooperative (NUWDECO)
42 Nueva Vizcaya Alay Kapwa Multi-Purpose Cooperative (NV Alay Kapwa)
43 Paco Savings and Credit Cooperative (PASCCO)
44 Paco Soriano Pandacan Development Cooperative  (PSPDC)
45 Phil. Army FC Producers Integrated Coop (PAFCPIC)
46 Perpetual Help Community Cooperative (PHCC)
47 PLDT Employees Service Cooperative (TELESCOOP)
48 San Dionisio Credit Cooperative (SDCC)
49 Sulong sa Tagumpay Multi-Purpose Cooperative (STMC)
50 Tagum Cooperative (TC)
52 UP Employees Housing Cooperative (UPEHCO)
53 United Methodist Church MPC (UMCMCI)
54 Valenzuela Development Cooperative (VALDECO)
55 Vincentian Family Multi-Purpose Cooperative  (VFMPC)